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Pediatric Care: Our Core Specialty

Pediatric care is one of our core specialties at Buesing Family Chiropractic. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring high quality care through out of the box, holistic based approaches to treatment for children of all ages and needs.


For growing adolescents, spinal health is crucial during growth spurts and puberty. Children can grow up to 3 inches over the course of a summer and it may seem hard to believe, but a minor injury during these growth spurts can have a profound impact on the growth of ones spine and bone structure. Yet just like a tree root growing around a rock, a spine will grow around areas of inflammation in the body.

Worse yet, the advent of ‘tech neck’ as a result of constantly looking down at smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices has created a growing problem in spinal health. In addition to poor posture and decreased range of motion, pain in the arms, shoulders and back can steadily rise as the spine works harder and harder to hold up the head over time. This unnatural support can lead to major health issues down the road including arthritis and bulged discs in the neck region.

Beyond spinal and other structural issues of the body, Buesing Family Chiropractic is able to assist with the chemical effects of inflammation and stress on the nervous system. These issues can include obesity, allergies and ADD/ADHD. For these issues, we conduct hair and blood analysis and make recommendations based on our findings. Our nutrition and certified personal training backgrounds have us well equipped to compliment general treatment plans with nutrition and exercise plans to help accelerate healing times and reduce symptoms naturally and holistically.

Our adolescent care includes:

  1. Scoliosis
  2. Posture Issues
  3. Trauma
  4. Obesity

Young Children and Infants

We are trained and equipped for infant care and can help with the symptoms of inflammation caused by trauma or chemical imbalances which can cause intestinal issues and colic.

Our infant care includes:

  1. Alignment issues
  2. Trauma
  3. Colic

As with all new patients, we offer consultation and are happy to discuss all pediatric care programs and answer any and all questions you might have regarding the care of your child / children. Our primary concern is to listen to our patients and make sure they are comfortable in all phases of their visit to our practice.