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A Research Based Approach to Treating Athletes

Athletes come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and with their own unique set of stresses to their bodies. For example, a marathon runner puts different stresses on her body than a weight lifter might. These stresses cause inflammation and how long that inflammation lingers affects the speed and effectiveness of your recovery. If that inflammation fails to go down then long term, chronic issues can surface.

The nervous system is a self-healing system in our bodies and inflammation, or pressure, prevents the nervous system from healing. Pain killers are designed to lower pressure and mask these warning signals from our nervous systems. Our goal is to remove that pressure naturally and allow your body to heal.

Our practice takes a research based approach to identifying how to help keep athletes of all disciplines healthy and out doing what they love to do.

Here are examples of people we can help:

  1. An individual with a regular workout regimen who participates in cardio and weight lifting activities
  2. A jogger or marathon runner.
  3. A professional weight lifter or Cross Fit trainer who puts extreme stress on their bodies.
  4. A student athlete who has a heavy training scheduled followed by long periods of down time at desks
  5. A child athlete where any injury is of particular concern as the child grows. (Click here to read about our pediatric care.)

During an initial consultation, we run a series of exams which include range of motion studies to evaluate the movement your spine, static emg’s to evaluate the muscle activity of your spine, and thermal scans to evaluate temperature readings or hot spots along your spine. These scans are an important step in the care of our patients and to help identify where treatments can help relieve the stresses currently existing on various parts of the body.