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Buesing Family Chiropractic has been offering holistic alternatives to the treatment of ADD/ADHD in the Bucks County and Montgomery county areas for nearly 20 years.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most woefully over-diagnosed, over-prescribed disorders in children and young adults. A quick internet search will generate thousands of articles on these disorders and the issue at hand, and it seems like dozens more are published every week.

That doesn’t mean that ADD and ADHD aren’t real and that the symptoms aren’t real. Yet in today’s world of instant gratification and the general sentiment of ‘there’s a pill for that,’ from both patients and doctors, most children are prescribed a medication that helps them to pay attention.

We’re not biased; these are facts:

  1. 1 in 10 children are currently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
  2. Ritalin, the most common medication for ADD/ADHD is a schedule II controlled substance that has effects similar to both amphetamines and cocaine.
  3. 90% of all Ritalin (or similar) medications is consumed in the United States

While a disorder may be the first diagnosis, there are many other factors that could be contributing and/or worsening of these symptoms. This can include physical and chemical pressures to the nervous system.

Physical pressures to the nervous system caused by falls, sports injuries and bad posture creates tension in the nervous system. Treating these pressures effectively calms the nervous system, allows it to heal and tones down the imbalances that cause the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

As for chemical imbalances, diet and/or lack of exercise can also be contributors to these symptoms.

As an example, food allergies can have a profound impact on digestive health. A gluten allergy can cause severe inflammation to the intestines. Similarly, bad eating habits can also cause swelling. Fast foods, high in sodium and sugars, can keep you and your child in a state of constant swelling.

As a home example, try to experiment by removing fast food or specific items such as gluten out of your diet for a week. If you notice any changes you or your child could benefit from a visit to an allergist and/or a custom program designed to relieve pressure on the nervous system and restore balance to you or your child.