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Custom Tailored, Comprehensive Programs To Fight Obesity

Most common diseases are caused by swelling and the body’s inability to deal with it. In the case of obesity, swelling takes place in two major ways.

  1. The spine
  2. The digestive system.

In the case of spinal pressure, the long term effects of carrying extra weight caused by obesity presses down the discs of the spine and can lead to herniated / bulged discs. This pressure also strangles the nerves that control and heal every part of your body. The hardship these nerves face as it constantly fights the effects of swelling wears them down and chronic issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel begin to set in.

The digestive system is often considered the second nervous system, and with poor diet causes dangerous inflammation in the intestines, kidneys and other parts of the digestive tract. Diseases including irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and hypothyroidism are caused by the body’s inability to fight the effects of swelling in the digestive system any longer.

Beyond these chronic issues, the effects of these chemical imbalances increase the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other disorders that have a profound impact on a patient’s life.

Of course there are medicines to mask the symptoms of these issues; yet all they can do is mask. And in most (if not all cases,) these medicines are prescribed only after you’ve been diagnosed!

When was the last time you went to a doctor’s office and were recommended a change in diet instead of a pill?

Our practice looks to prevent, correct and heal many of these diseases and help you live a longer, fuller, happier life using a proven alternatives to medicine.

We start with a chemical analysis of your hair and blood to see how your diet might be contributing to your weight and overall health. We look for any chemical imbalances that exist that we can assist with not only physical corrections but also diet and exercise programs.

The simple truth is that the symptoms can be treated if not prevented altogether if you reduce swelling and just give your body the opportunity to heal.

As a simple experiment, cut out fast food or junk food from your diet for just one week and see how it affects your chronic pain or observe how your children’s ADD/ADHD symptoms lessen.

As a certified personal trainer and with a masters in nutrition, Dr. Jeffrey Buesing can craft custom tailored, comprehensive programs to help put his patients on track for a better quality of life.