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Buesing Family Chiropractic is different from every other chiropractic office or treatment center in the area. Getting cracked and crunched is not what it’s about. Our practice thinks outside the box in offering proven methods to eliminate pain without the need for medication.

In truth, we can’t deny that medicine does not work or doesn’t reduce pain, keep you alive, etc. What medicine cannot do, however, is physically move a bone or remove stressors to the nervous system to allow your body to heal.

Taking medicine is act of introducing chemicals to your body that mask the nervous system. These chemicals rarely treat the source of that discomfort and, in the mean time, typically introduce new symptoms that other medicines are then introduced to mask. It’s a viscous cycle.

Here are some of the more common conditions that our practice sees and are able to help. Feel free to click on each one to learn more about these issues and our general approach in care.




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